From New York to Amsterdam

Juliska ten Napel (1968) developed her passion for art at the Art Academy 'Minerva' in Groningen (The Netherlands). During her stay in New York (1996-1999) she more and more focused on creating images. Starting out as an autodidact, she was soon fully involved in photography and jewelry.

In order to 'sculpt' her skills as a jeweler, Juliska took classes by the well-known David Butler (New York) and back in Amsterdam Jaap de Vries and Jacomijn van der Donk. By combining her personal skills and the lessons of her 'masters', Juliska has developed herself over time into a distinctive jeweler. Her creations are at first glance recognizable as Made By Juul.

Piece of Art

Emotion is the soul of her work. That is why all Made by Juul pieces carry their own name and come with a special wrapping. You do not just get a beautiful jewel. What you get is a true piece of art.
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