armband - finding daisy in the silver meadow armband - cannery row ring - profiteroles au chocolat armband - the love chain brought to you all the way from amsterdam the netherlands armband - robin ring - forty love ring - good day sunshine ketting - working on the chain gang oorbellen - spring is in the air ketting - drinking wine in the afternoon ringen - profiteroles au chocolat for you blue ketting - une belle histoire
ring - maggie mae armband - mon mec a moi
ketting - fields of joy
ketting - dejeuner sur l'herbe ring - me jane
for kids - lollypop
armband - if you go away... ring - finding beryl in the silver meadow
ketting - marie armband - fixing the hole armband - woody
ketting - little one for kids - lollypop
for kids - lollypop for kids - lollypop
ring - taste of honey ring - finding lavender in the golden meadow
for kids - lollypop
ring - blind date armband - poppy